About Bundesvan

Bundesvan HQ

We have been motorhoming for twenty five years and have been selling them under the Bundesvan banner for the last fifteen years. During that time we have owned a variety of vans, mainly Hymer, from a small coachbuilt to high end A Class.

We tried to buy our first Hymer in the UK, but were not happy with the way the main agent dealt with us, despite us making a six hundred mile round trip to view the B544 we were interested in and carrying £25,000 in cash with us to buy the van!

We had travelled to Germany on business before and had seen some of the many Hymer dealers over there.

We knew there was more to choose from and their prices were more competitive.
Our first buying trip was a big disappointment, though. The van we had travelled all the way to Southern Germany to view had sold two days before we arrived! After more thorough research and preparation we went back and managed to buy an S660 Hymer for little more than the B544 we had failed to buy in the UK. We had good use out of it and yet were still able to sell for more than we paid for it.

Our proposition to our customers, based on our own experience, has always been the same: if you buy a good van from us, at the right price, it should cost you little in terms of depreciation, over the first six to eighteen months. In essence, we are doing the same for our customers as we’ve done for ourselves. With Bundesvan, motorhoming need not be an expensive hobby!